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Including fidelity investigations, missing persons, kidnappings, theft investigations, insurance fraud cases, company verifications, background checks, asset investigations and many more

About Us

The Biggest and Best Connected Detective Agency in Phnom Penh

We established our Detective Agency in Phnom Penh in 2009. We started off as a small firm, but the demand, and lack of serious supply, has allowed us to grow into the company that we are today. Over the years we have acquired a reputation for being the detective agency that get things done efficiently and quickly.

We currently have a team of 6 full time private investigators based in Phnom Penh, and then a number of freelance agents that we use throughout the rest of Cambodia.

Why Choose Detective Agency Phnom Penh?

A Detective Agency you can trust

Detective Agency Phnom Penh is registered and fully licensed. It is also a member of a number of international associations.

Our Working Hours

The Detective Agency operates 24 hours a day. Our private investigators respond to our clients' queries within minutes, whether it is 0900 hours on a Monday, or 0300 on a Saturday.

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

Investigations are quick, others take a bit longer, but eventually all clients will get the answers they were looking for, so that the may make informed decisions based on them,

Court Compatible

The reports, the video evidence and the photographic evidence that we give the client at the end of an investigation, is in a format which is accepted by courts Worldwide.

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Our Investigation Services

Here are a list of the main services that Detective Agency Phnom Penh offer. If you are in need of an investigation not forseen in this list, contact one of our private investigators, and we will see if we if we can accommodate.

Private Investigations

Private investigations encompass a large number of different cases. Including, but not limited to, fidelity checks, welfare investigations, asset searches, due diligence and kidnappings.

Commercial Investigations

Company verifications, site visits, insurance investigations, commercial due dilligence, counter espionage, bug sweeps…

Missing Persons

Cambodia possesses a series of characteristics which offer people the chance to experience travel and adventure with very few limits. Unfortunately, these same conditions also create the foundation for situations that may require the assistance of an local expert to resolve.

Child Custody Cases

Our detective agency deals with a lot of child custody cases. They range from documenting whether a parent or guardian is fit for custody, all the way to solving parental kidnappings and bringing charges against the perpetrator and their enablers. 

Insurance Fraud

34% of insurance fraud committed in South East Asia is carried out in Cambodia. The limited infrastructure and commitment of law enforcement makes it a paradise for those looking to defraud their insurance companies, whether it be travel, medical or even life insurance cases.

We also deal with people receiving injury compensation from abroad, thinking their daily activities will not be monitored. 

Prisoner Release

Depending on the crime you are accused of committing, along with our legal department, we will help make a deal with the plaintiff and with the judge to get you out and back home.

Jenny's Story

“Detective Agency Phnom Penh were able to locate the driver of my hit and run. The investigation took time, and there were moments that were very frustrating, but they never gave up, and eventually the guilty party was brought to justice.”

“My Cambodian wife left with our two year old daughter. I had spent 3 months looking for them on my own when I came across Detective Agency Phnom Penh. Between their network of police contacts and their local knowledge, the managed to bring her back to me two months later. They also assisted me in prosecuting my ex-wife for parental kidnapping. ”
Jammie White
“After 6 months going out with my girlfriend we got engaged. I was happy, but I had this feeling I couldn't shake, that she was hiding something from me. Detective Agency Phnom Penh investigated the matter very discreetly and it turned out that what she was keeping from me was that she had a child from a previous relationship. It was an adjustment, but we worked it out and now all live happily together.”
Josh Fernandez
“My husband was going to Cambodia on a work trip. I decided to hire Detective Agency Phnom Penh to make sure nothing untoward happened. The team of private investigators managed to very clearly document a week of him and his colleagues hiring prostitutes and taking drugs. Although I was devastated by the result, the quality and amount of evidence provided by the private detectives was incredible.”
Julie Kyle